Saturday, December 6, 2008

Forward : "The Letter"

"George Lucas is automatic writing the stories of Magi Knights of years ago. "A long time ago in a galaxy far away a great adventure took place." Look at the parallel to the way Star Wars and the Universe is held together. Automatic writing tells your future and your past. I have chosen George Lucas to tell past history within the Universe.

The Hollywood stars have been doing it for years we have been preparing you for what's to come. But we will not have the corporate greed within the studios and actors will be paid fairly. They have mastered the skills of telepathy and are in the top 2% of the world visionaries. I want all people to become a famed artist in their own names. Follow your dreams and come to my heaven and shine as bright as any star there.

For I will not judge any of you for your simple accomplishments in life. You are my entire son's and daughters. If you wish to side with me and say you are sorry for your sins. I will bring the fantasy world to you and it will be just like Disney envisioned with some grown-up things to do as well. I will judge you at the time of Redemption. You must believe that my son's death on the cross, was because of capitol gain, corruption, suppression and a pathetic murder of a peaceful man.

I promise to bring back the dark ages again. Even more powerful this time around. It will be a place you will not wish to be when I come to make judgement on you all.

I have my new messenger who will carry my word; even though he is locked in this jail cell. I will send my Magi Knight Ursu down to free him so that he can speak in front of the whole world.

Look to The Messenger for advice and counseling; he will be your Light Worker. He will make sure along with his other Magi Knights that all are taken care of and tapped in to the telepathy that each and every one of you has. All you have to do is pray to me or write down some words calling out my name. Jesus Christ my Savior and I will protect you from God's wrath. Be warned God is very unhappy with the Reptilian forces that have ruled the surface for so long

We need to focus on love. Even the Reptilians are being played by the Shadows. The Shadows are ultimate evil and we need to protect you from these Demons and cast them out.

God loves you all and worships you as his creation; however, you seem to disappoint God when you get to this greedy stage in your lives. Help the homeless get better shelters and cut back on your military spending. You should make love not war. I will be the judge of any nation that uses warfare against another nation. You must help clean the earth and make her beautiful once again. For I will give you this warning that the year 2012 is the End of Days. Heed the warnings I have given and abide by God's rules. Follow the Ten Commandments they are strict and to the tee. For I will judge all who does not follow in the path of God. Your astronomers are correct the comet will hit the earth in the year of our Lord 2088. If you are still on this planet I will wipe a clean slate and nothing your technology will be able to do to stop my comet.

Admiral Byrd's Theory is for real. We have an opening at the north and south poles. We have covered it so very well with our cloud like formations and our stealth protector shield. You will never find us until we want to let you know we are for real. Were do you think the UFOs come from outer space? Look deeper than that they are right underneath your noses within the Hollow Earth and the Underground Cities. When we are ready to give you this wonderful technology the earth will be saved. Because all who believe in what I have to say will be taken by star ships to different edges of the galaxy sooner than you think."

This caption was taken from the short story written by Don Adams entitled : "The Message"

An automatic writing and telepathy session with the Arch Angel - Ursu Adams

Dear Mr. Ursu Adams,

I am currently imprisoned in the Lane County Correctional Facility in Eugene, Oregon. I have been directed to you by the collective to tell you my story in depth. I am hoping that this story will somehow reach you; however, I am in dire need of legal assistance since the government has not allowed me any legal representation on this matter. Through a series of automatic writings, I am hoping that this writing will be delivered to you through telepathy then through a letter and you will do everything in you power to reach me and set me free from the shackles that have kept me in these walls for over 5 1/2 years.

Here is my story...

I have experience a rare but well documented side-effect to the drug Paxil. It is called induced-mania, which in some instances can lead to very violent and in some cases dangerous criminal activity; however i feel very fortunate that no one was killed in the story I am about to tell you in complete detail.

In Sept of 2001 I was prescribed 40mg of Paxil for depression that I had been suffering from when I was in a pedestrian car accident back in 1999. I had been on several other SSRI's prior to taking Paxil such as Welbutrain, Prozac, and Zoloft. None of which had any significant effect towards my depression.

When I arrived here in Oregon I gained the confidence of a new primary
care physician who prescribed me Paxil. For several months I continued taking the drug with some effect and it seemed as though I was starting to feel better and was able to get my concentration back and was doing incredibly well in college. With a high GPA of a 3.86 and the loss of several pounds, which I associated with the great effects that I was achieving from the drug Paxil, I would have never expected what would have happened to me in the coming months ahead.

In February 2002, I started to show affects of acute hyper mania when I was having sensations of God-like experiences and a sense of feeling the best I had felt in years. I started suffering from weird experiences that I had never felt before. I was entering an acute manic state and feeling electrical zaps flowing through-out my body, aggressiveness, nausea, scratching in my head. I was going downhill very fast but didn't feel within myself that anything was wrong. I was being closely monitored by my doctors throughout the week of this manic episode and was given information about local psychiatric center if I felt if I was going out of control or loosing reality in anyway.

During this time I did not feel like anything was wrong but I kept experiencing these weird physical sensations. Tremors and depression started to hit fast and I started to hear voices within my head. The voices I thought I was hearing were scratching in my head which I interpreted as demons and/or spirits. I was clearly loosing reality. I had also isolated myself within my home and was suffering from major insomnia. My physician prescribed lithium to counter balance the effects the Paxil was having on the chemical make-up of my brain. However, when the drug was prescribed on a Friday afternoon I was unable to fill that prescription because I did not have the money to do so and was not on any type of medical coverage that would cover the prescription of lithium.

I went home feeling very energetic and having emotional ups and downs, which felt like a roller coaster of emotions that were uncontrollable. At this time I was also involved as an actor for a stage play called "The Crucible" which dealt with the Salem witch trials and I could remember including this type of reality into my psychosis that I was starting to head into. I had been up now since Friday without any sleep and had cut my Paxil intake down to 20mg to 40mg.

I was experiencing effects of withdrawal from this major decrease in intake of Paxil. It was a Sunday afternoon and feeling delusional and as though I was having a major religious experience while hearing voices of God within my head. My body started to become very hot and clammy. I was now unaware of the severe psychosis I was entering. I started doing things that I never would have done before in my life. I felt as though my psychosis reality was for real. These scratching sounds were leading me towards a violent rage. I was truly not my fun loving and outgoing self. I started to head to my school, which is where my practice for the theater production was taking place on that Sunday. I felt at this time all my answers to what was happening would be there at my school. But I also remember thinking that if it wasn't there that I was completely crazy but continued to feel as though everything that was happening was for real and that I didn't need any type of help.

I proceeded to the school and the first person I came into contact with was my instructor Patrick Torelle; my theater director. From his deposition in this matter he described me as looking delusional, sweating, and that my eyes where red, and glazed over. Almost thinking that I was on some sort of drug but I was not. I was suffering from an acute hyper-mania and having severe withdrawal symptoms from the drug Paxil. I speculate that the drug Paxil had sent me into this state of altered reality. I started acting very violent in front of my instructor who started to fear for his life and my own. I can not recall the majority of what happened during this episode and what I do recall is very blurry.

The information of violence was noted in a police report filed by the Lane Community College Security Staff. When my instructor was able to calm me and send me on my way saying I needed to go home and rest. I started having feelings of delusions of Granger. I didn't understand what was happening to me so I got in my car and started driving recklessly throughout the parking lots of my college almost hitting two pedestrians that were walking through the parking lot. I headed north on I-5 towards a shopping mall and thinking I was some sort of race car driver in my head. The scratching sounds were getting more intense and I was interpreting them as spirits talking to me. When I finally arrived at the shopping mall I was driving my car recklessly again whipping cookies and finally hitting a tree, which lead to having one wheel completely fly off of my Jeep.

From witness testimony I continued to try and drive the car until it was unable to drive any further. I was now in a complete psychosis and altar reality screaming that aliens and the devil were after me. I came towards a civilian to ask for help and he thought that I was some psycho on drugs and hit me in the face knocking me down to the ground and began kicking me in the face and stomach causing severe bruising. It took several citizens to hold me down because I started to go into a violent rage when finally the police came to take over and calm me down. I was speaking delusional and was unable to keep a focused conversation with officers. The immediate cuffed me and through me into a squad car and transported me to the police station for further observation.

I was then asked to take a breathalyzer and kept saying the devil was inside my head. Having complete outburst of violence which lead to police officers restraining me and throwing me down onto the ground in which ultimately irritated a back injury that I had suffered 3 years back from the pedestrian/car accident I was in 1999. Since I did not cooperate with police officers I was thrown into an isolation tank for approx. 6 days. This is where I suffered some of the most major side effects from Paxil withdrawal to date. Since they had no history and were unable to communicate with me cause of my psychosis they were unable to know what prescription drugs I was on.

I can remember having major hallucinations, seizure type symptoms, violent rages, MAJOR insomnia I did not sleep the whole time I was in jail for almost 2 weeks or at least if I did it was drug induced and I don't recall. The list goes on of the side effects I was having from not having the drug Paxil. The doctor that was treating me with other psychotic drugs even though he knew I was on the drug Paxil. When I started to come back to some sort of reality he didn't
prescribe the drug Paxil and decided to go with his own diagnosis and treat me with other drugs which I think lead me to a just a person of Jell-O.

I can remember trying to focus my mind and trying to be normal again but the anti-psychotic drugs they had placed me on turned my mind to Jell-O. I was still having violent outbreaks, seizure type symptoms, electric zaps, vertigo, insomnia, and increased appetite. I was scheduled for a MRI and psyche evaluation at a latter date, which later came up to be negative. I have been imprisoned on reckless driving, criminal endangerment and assault one charges. I have yet to be released and it has been 5 years without any jury trial or attorney representation. The government has let me rot in this jail cell. I need your help so desperately you are my only hope.

I am trying to reach out to you now Mr. Ursu Adams in hopes that you can assist me from escaping the government grips upon me. I have been imprisoned now for over 5 1/2 years without any legal council or religious representation. Through my guides that I have come across in my automatic writing sessions I have been told by the collective that you are the Angel of God and are the true ONE that can help me in this matter. Please I beg of you, I have much to tell the manifesto that I wrote prior to this mental breakdown speaks of an awaking and that of the End of Days. This message needs to make it to the free world. I beg of you to help release me from the shackles and allow me the opportunity to share my story to the world.

Yours Respectfully,

The Messenger