Friday, May 18, 2012

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WORDS have such meaning! I live by this Creed through faith! No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An open letter to my "Gang Stalkers" and the evidence that you have asked for!

Copyright 2013 : Don Gillson-Adams 32 Degrees Inc.

A message to my listeners, followers, and stalkers...

Many lies have been spouted off in a recent radio show that was dedicated to me earlier last week on disinformation network dedicated to bringing down my good name. During this broadcast I was accused of having a man pack up his family and head to higher ground because comet ELENIN was going to HIT the earth that would create large TSUNAMI's and earthquakes in the Australia area back in 2011. 

Since, I know these stalkers are reading my every word. I AGAIN LIKE TO CHALLENGE, these people to show the alleged email that I sent; along with, the communication and my I.P. Address proving that such email came from me and that I was the cause for the dislocation of this person and his family; which by their testimony lost everything he own. THIS IS ANOTHER HUGE LIE to mislead and discredit my research and to make to a propaganda machine spreading fear across the land.  In fact, THESE PEOPLE are the ones who are dangerous and recently admitted in a youtube video of being the ones that did come and find me while I was doing my LIVE broadcast with Leo Zagami two weeks ago in Long Beach, California; however, their statements state that they just happened to be in the area LATE at night around 10:30 on a Sunday when no one else but myself was around.I will not be to bullied and stalked without fighting back.

I demand that you produce the evidence that I am about to outline in this open letter and then I will come on air in a neutral forum with Stalker Truth Research, IAM Pharaoh, Zombie, Foghaze, and LadyHarleyRider to discuss your allegations about me.

Additionally, I have always used my real name and have never hid under a fake name. So, with that being stated I have no idea what these people's real names are; however, I accept your challenge to come on your show once the PROOF of these allegation outlined below can be submitted. YOU ARE STALKERS, LIERS, ad associated with known cointelpro sites like Godlike productions ( "BEWARE OF GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS" and (google bill hudson+astrogeek) who have been accused publicly of being part of a pedophilia ring targeted young gay men; along with, there deep association with the United States Military and Intelligence program entitled "TENA" which is a operative tactical architecture to gather intelligence about a directive and destroy it. (info link : I have never publically stated that any of you were pedophiles; however, you are a member of his forum and a contributor to attacks against me on his dedicated webpage entitled "Donny Gillson is yet another YouTube 'End-of-the-World' crank" ( which is filled with disinformation and lies about me; along with, citing all of your websites that also are spreading disinformation about me.I would like for you all to remember the defination of what a gang is "
  1. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.
  2. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.
  3. Informal A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis"
You all fit this description to the tee because not only have you banded together on social media, forums, youtube, radio shows, and facebook. You also seem to all hang out with one another in XBOX game forums which to me sounds like a bunch of adolescents who have no real life and they have nothing better to do, communicate over XBOX Live, and come up with tactical ways of attacking and stalking an individual and trying to swing the information in your favor to make me look psychotic and threat to society. I would also like to state what the definition of stalking is : 
  1. Pursue or approach stealthily: "a cat stalking a bird".
  2. Harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention: "the fan stalked the actor
As I mentioned in on my facebook status on March 25th 2013

Since you have openly admitted that I have a huge bull horn, a large following (which is in the tens of thousands), and that I am capable of mind controlling my audience to believe my every word. Not to mention in your radio blog that I am the modern day David Koresh. I believe that would classify me as some sort of celebrity. You have even stated that I am only in this for the FAME and MONEY! To me this seems like you all are a bit obsessed by me and can not stop listening to my every word. Simply math would show if you add the words gang and stalking together you will come up with the term "Gang Stalking". I maybe wrong here; however, logic seems to be on my side.I would also like to state that this RADIO show stated that I threatened the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and is the direct cause of why this damning article about my personal life had been taken down.

The article I am referring to was written about me back in 2008 in Washington County stating false facts about an arrest and was accused of doing something terrible to m own mother. The real reason why this article was taken down is because Mr.Mike Burbach Editor of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press looked at the evidence I presented and I quote Mike in stating "I believe this was the right thing to do." 

Stalkers you do not have all the facts to this and you have made up your little spin to your story. I would like to challenge this GANG Stalking network, that is associated with criminal cointelo websites, to write Mr. Mike Burbach Editor of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and DEMAND that this article be reposted and that the information provided in this article is correct and should be public record. Also, I would make sure that you get authorization from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press to re-use their copyrighted article that is your main platform of attacks against me due to allegations of filing false copyright claims against your channels of Youtube. LadyHarleyRider and TheTruthResearchers I have never caled your legal names out because I have no idea if they are even real name; however, I have successful closed your channels down and now it seems your back on youtube and not allowed to be there due to harrassment and false copyright claims that you have claimed that I have done towards your channels as well; however, it seems that breaking copyright laws do not have an bearing on you both at all; including the mis-use of an authorized article written by The Saint Paul Pioneer Press without their written consent and permission. Also, remember the disinfo spread about me last year about a young girl committing suicide because of my research and so called fear I through into this child that allegedly took her own life? How come that was not presented on your radio show Mr. Iam Pharaoh? See, just one other lie being spread about me to make me some sort of danger to society. Well, I demand this stalking and slander to stop, however, if yuo can produce an obituary of this young girl and a statement from the surviving family and a charge of manslaughter provided by the f.b.I seeking my arrest. I will personally turn myself into the authorities. See, this will never happen because these gang stalkers that are associated with an alleged pedophile have nothing.

Also, reminder I have never stated that these people associated with Mr. Bill Hudson, if that is even his name, as pedophiles themselves. They just took the liberty of making that association so that they can defend the reason why they stalk my every move.I say that if any of this information is TRUE and not fabricated filed with LIES and deception to some how control and put me in a state of fear by  stating "That I have fucked with the wrong people" I would really like to know what that truly means? If you have not had a chance to listen to this bullshit broadcast I suggest everyone have a listen by following this like to the 1:45 minute show dedicated to slandering my name with false information in true GANG STALKING nature . I suggest anyone to make up there own decisions of this; however, it seems to me that there is a HUGE obsession with me and I have no real idea why  other than they are a group of gang stalkers mind controlled by a pedophile network which is owned and operated by Godlike productions and If you do not believe me ask your self a question why would Bill Hudson AKA Astrogeek be speaking within a young gay mens forum. Here are some links for your review. This link is very telling where Astro Geek speaks about what he prefers in the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Community stating and I quote "I really don't know any LGBT my age. I get along best with nerdy NTs and one guy who I suspect might have undiagnosed AS. I did go to a meeting of my University's LGBT association, but didn't find that I liked the dynamic. Everyone was far more flamboyant than me. And to be honest, I'm not really into gay culture."; What is telling here is that Mr. Hudson speaks that he hangs out with young men either of college level or younger. Information about Mr. Hudson also states that he likes to teach young children about astronmy as well; according to the forum he states that he is 38 years old. Also, in a related forum we find Mr. Astrogeek AKA Bill Hudson speaking in young gay men forums as well. Now, this is not complete evidence to state that Hudson is infact a pedophile; however, there is an interesting Youtube video from someone stating that he is.

I have included this like for your review as well.2012Hoax has a Hidden Agenda! links on young gay men forums by Astrogeek these people seem to think I am calling them pedophiles. I would like to make myself perfectly clear. I HAVE NEVER called any of you a pedophile; in fact, on my January broadcast where I ousted Mr. Hudson on these allegations he created a forum on his network entitled "Apparently Donny Gillson is mad at me." please take time to read all of this information because it is quite telling who the people are talking within this forum. Yep, you guessed it "The Usual Suspects"; including LadyHarleyRider aka StargazrXT12 who states she has a B.A. in astronomy; however, no she states she is working as a paralegal that only requires an associate degree. So, how come you are not using your so called degree to work within the astronomy community and working as a para legal; knowing quit well you are breaking laws left and right in regards to copyright. Including, the article written by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press on your so called forum called if any of this was true I would make sure that all of this was hidden; however, I am showing you all the connection that goes back to Godlike Productions and that are also associated with the Tavistock Institute which President Eisenhower called "a possible danger to public policy that could itself become captive of a scientific-technological elite."I believe the reason why I have become a target for all of this is because of my association with Alfred Webre, Andrew D. Basiago, Laura Eisenhower the great grand daughter of the former President, who have had on my radio show, and The Truth Frequency Radio Network. More on this information coming in the following month. If you would like to learn further information about psychological warfare and the Tavistock Institute please follow this link : is a personal statement to Mr. Iam Pharoah and his cohost Sam and will be placing his network personally liable for these untruths about my charachter being spread throughout the internet.

You have all been BLOCKED from my private Facebook wall for trolling and stalking, if you can provide accurate information about how I made a family loose everything because of a alleged fear mongering email that the world was going to end, successful communication with the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and its editor stating that  the Pioneer Press agrees that I have threatened them in any manner and also that the email you reffered to on your show stating this threat was NOT written back in April of 2008, along with, other lies that were spouted off about me. I will accept your invitation and will even meet you in person IAM Pharoh to discuss this in person; I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU..Even though your stalking buddy Jacob Montoya AKA Zombie who has sent my over 200 emails attacking and harrassing me over the past 2 years has recently threatened me by blackmail and violence. You have done such a  great job of trying to spin my conviction of a worthless check to your advantage. I CHALLENGE you to do the same to all the lies that I have just presented throughout this open letter. BY THE WAY YOU STALKER LEAVE MY FAMILY OUT of EVERYTHING!! If you do not know the facts and were not in that court room. You and your team of stalkers do not have any idea of the relationship between my MOTHER and I. Leave her hell out of your stalking platform! My mother has nothing to do with you..If I wish to present the facts about the relationship with my mother and my family is right not yours to spin for your destructive agenda. I would also like to stated that if the article written about me by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press is accurate and correct; like you have publicly stated; including that I am a fugitive that has not completed his so-called supervised probation and the emails stating that the Saint Paul Police Department is watching my every move because of so called slander and untruths that I have stated over the past 2 years about what the have done to me and that my civil rights were not violated! I demand you contact the editor of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and state your case I say if I am a dangerous man and should be locked away and the new modern say David Koresh and if, and only if, the article is re-posted without bias, I will ADMIT to everything you have ever stated about me. I will bow down and concede that I am a danger to society and should be institutionalized and will check myself into the near psychiatric facility

If you can provide all the evidence that I have asked you to present I will also check myself into the Saint Paul Police Department, drop my lawsuit against them, and will have myself arrested for false information to police. This has now been documented on my Facebook page. I challenge you. If you so want me to join you on a neutral platform and my allegations have nothing to do with gang stalking you will have no problem producing this evidence. I have NEVER stated that an of you are pedophiles; however, I have stated that you are associated with a man that stalks young gay men forums, teaches astronomy to little children, accused of pedophilia and is a member of a cointel operation. YOU are STALKERS and nothing else!! You wanted proof of my allegations that I have stated publicly  Well, here they are..I challenge you stalkers to again prove your allegations and lock me up for good. Until then stay away from me and my family you have been placed on notice.One last thing, I have never hidden from who I truly am.

I have openly used my REAL name, birth date, and what has happened to me publically over the years; through many testimonials online and on-air. I have created a . target on my back; however, the reason why I do this is to expose the abuse and truth that the government and other psychological operations have done to surpress the real truth from humanity. You can believe what you wish about me; however, I hope some of this information may have to take a second look at the people whom are attacking me and ask yourself a simple question. Why and who are these people really? I believe that I have given these stalkers what they have asked for. I will also be bringing more evidence to light on an official interview with Alfred Lambert Webre on Exopolitics at the end of March. The reason for this interview is because I believe that I have been a target of psychological warfare dating back to when my own grandfather was working with the Office of Strategic Services back in world war II; along with, his investigation to a politically motivated homicide back when he was the Capt. of the Saint Paul Police Department back in the end of the 50's early 60's. All of this information will be published in an open interview and article in the coming months ahead. Please stay tuned for this information because it will be very revealing to say the least.Please join me every Sunday evening 9pm PST / Midnight EST on as we explore the cosmos as we investigate the universe and to have a better understanding of humanity and where we fit in the grand scheme of things. I have tagged you in this photo because I personally want to thank you all for listening and supporting me over the years. I am looking forward to many years of broadcasting to come. REMEMBER! POSITIVE TIME LINE!Thank you and God Bless,

Donny Gillson

copyright 2013

 Revelation 1:7 “Look, he is coming with the clouds,”
   and “every eye will see him,
even those who pierced him”;
   and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.”
            So shall it be! Amen.

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